Jack v1.1 Released on OS4Depot

Date 24-May-2011 4:26:54
Topic: Software News


Jack v1.1 is essentially a quick fix to the numerous bugs spotted during the Beta release. But at the same time it also includes a number of new features to this version that I wish to share with you all.



* Search Window: Preliminary search engine window implemented. Probably won't find it of any use as yet as you cannot click through any of the found files. Also cannot get ESC to respond to cancelling the search. Work in progress, stay tuned.

* Image Editor: You can now add Watermarks to any image. Comes pre-loaded with 11 watermarks to choose from. Additionally you can select your own custom watermark to apply to an image. Feel free to place your own watermarks in the Resources drawer if you wish. Although you can save them anywhere you want. It is also possible to Watermark many images in one go. NEW FEATURE

Thanks to Daytona675x for creating the default watermarks.

* Image Editor: In single-image mode, images can be cropped. Limited to highlighting out from the top-left corner only. NEW FEATURE and a little buggy at present, don't rely on it for anything important.

* Image Editor: You can now re-size the images using an Aspect Ratio Lock. ENABLED FEATURE

* Lister Window: Drag and Drop support added to change the directory being shown. Either drag a file or a directory into Jack to update the lister. NEW FEATURE

* Image Processing Window: Sometimes the preview image was scaled incorrectly and overlaid the Finish button and paging arrows across the bottom. FIXED.

* Lister Window: If there was no scroll bar, the date-stamp for any files shown was missing. FIXED.

* Info Window: The height of a scaled image is now at a fixed value rather than maintaining aspect ratio which was causing images to drop out of the visible window. CHANGE

* Startup: Volume names are now obtained directly from the Unit ID using GetVolumeInfo(). Thanks to Tompelli for his patience and his extensive testing.

* APPDIR vs SYS: Third-party applications are looked for in APPDIR first then SYS:C and/or SYS:Utilties before launching. Thanks to Tompelli for his patience and his extensive testing.

* Spurcious empty lines or characters at the end of OS4Depot's readme list are now correctly ignored and Jack can open. Thanks to Tompelli for his patience and his extensive testing.

* Lister Window: Keyboard shortcut for slideshow mode is now accessed by pressing V. CHANGE


* Tompelli just reported a problem with the 'Drives' button down the left-hand side. If you have a gazillion hard drives and partitions like him (!); you might find Jack crashes unexpectedly. This will be addressed in the next version; in the meantime you can always click the volume path and enter it quickly in my hand.

Check version number before downloading: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=utility/workbench/jack.lha

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