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Date 28-May-2011 21:45:25
Topic: Software News

iBatch Version 1.2 has been considered as „Must have” for digital image batch processing on Amiga by recent Amiga Future Magazine. At the moment iBatch Version 1.2 is only available on Amiga Future CoverCD. So grab one, as long as you can !

There are several additional plugins on the way, which can be used for iBatch V 1.2:

1) Addslideshow-Plugin:
Display images of a given directory with fancy Transitioneffects and lots of eyecandy. I am still searching for some more Pixelartists able to draw nice imageframes ! See: thread

2) Plugincapsules e.g. Image2Icon-Plugin
Plugincapsules will enable you to use 3rd party software as iBatch plugin. Those capsules will provide a GUI for different CLI based tools. E.g. Image2Icon tool from Aminet:

Image2Icon-Plugin capsule:

Slideviewer generated by upcoming "Addslideshow-Plugin":

iBatch website

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