Nouveau 5.30 driver for AROS available!

Date 29-May-2011 16:08:43
Topic: Software News

A new version of nouveau 2D/3D driver is now available for AROS. Focus in this release is the increase of performance in 2D operations.

Major features:
- 2D driver alpha blended operations (WritePixelArrayAlpha) using 3D hardware acceleration on all families of nVidia cards. GeForce 1-4 family cards use fixed function registers, newer family cards use programmable shaders. This is first AROS driver that uses 3D rendering for 2D blending operations. Reported tests show increase from 20MB/s -> 800 MB/s for PCI-E cards.
- performance improvements to font rendering - using 3D hardware acceleration for anti-aliased font rendering

Other changes:
- performance improvements to compositing - measurable at about 10% increase in FPS output
- fix problem with jittered output for high frame rate applications
- updated sources to 2011-03-19 nouveau driver
- allow smaller (32x32) RAM->VRAM transfers to go via GART as well - 2 x performance improvement for such transfers

The driver will be found in latest AROS nightly builds or can be downloaded from:

I would like to give thanks to all dedicated testers who helped iron out the bugs and performance problems.

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