Best AmigaOS4.x & MorphOS 2011 project

Date 2-Jun-2011 18:04:46
Topic: Announcement

Relec company in partnership with website are happy to announce you the list of the projects submitten for the competition "Best AmigaOS4 & MorphOS 2011 project"

Projects are mentionned by reception order :
AmiDARK_MOS-Engine proposed by Frédéric Cordier aka AmiDARK
ReginaRexx proposed by Staf Verhaegen
Keho Software proposed par Achim Kern
Universal Launch Bar proposed by Robert 'Phibrizzo' Krajcarz.

The 3 others project already own an english description on the website page for the competition.

All details are available here (in french only) :

You can click on the projects to see the details.
All project have english details excepted the AmiDARK_MOS-Engine. Here is the translation :

Click on the "english version" just after the "ce bulletin de vote" and send the required details at : papiosaur2 [at] before 1st july 2011 to give your vote for these projects.

On this page you can see the price of the competition :
(english google translation : )

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