Release of fpga.resource AmigaOS 4.1 component for Sam460ex

Date 3-Jun-2011 22:47:54
Topic: Software News

ACube Systems announces the immediate release of the fpga.resource. This is an OS4 component that provides access to the I/O expansion bus found on the Sam460ex boards.

There are 80 I/O pins on the J22 connector, organized as 5 banks (each bank with 16 I/O pins) or as 80 single pins.

The archive contains both documentation and example source codes.

Check the documentation which comes with this executable for the pin-out layout.

Get the archive (soon on OS4depot): fpga_res-53.1.lha

For technical guys we would like to remember there is also an I2C resource on OS4depot. Check i2c.resource.lha

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