Netherlands Commodore Show - Saturday, June 18

Date 13-Jun-2011 4:05:15
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Original message from: Ron van Schaik

Saturday, June 18, the Netherlands Commodore Show returns with the theme of Robotics. See Commodore, Amiga, and robots being controlled by these computers. The meeting place is the same -- 21 Kerkweg, Maarssen, the Netherlands -- and the time is from 10:00 to 16:00. Admission is free!


New robots will be shown, too -- fighting robots, Lego robots, sumo bots, robot arms, and more. The HCC Commodore members have been working on several types of robots, and several other clubs and groups will participate, such as the Dutch Robot Games Foundation and the Robotics Robotics CCFZ.

In Room 3 there will be a complete line-up of all Amiga models from the Amiga 1000 to the 4000T. And there will be an Amiga 1200 connected to a projector for gaming.

Lastly, Robert Bernardo, president of the FCUG (Fresno Commodore User Group), comes from America to visit us!

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