SMBMounter Updated to v0.2

Date 14-Jun-2011 8:58:25
Topic: Software News

It's been over a year since the initial release, but I finally got my act together and implemented some bug fixes and new features that people had been looking for. SMBMounter is a commodity GUI frontend for SMBFS, and can be used for mounting, unmounting and editing network drives quickly and easily.

I've submitted it to Aminet and OS4Depot, but you can also get it on my website:

All feedback is appreciated! Especially MorphOS users, as IIRC there was a bug that only showed up on MorphOS which prevented it from working, and I'd like to hear if it's now working properly.

New features include:
- User-definable font settings
- Passwords are now stored encrypted and are only displayed as they are entered
- Support for filesystem charset translation via SMBFS
- New "automount" feature to mount shares as soon as SMBMounter starts (very useful for WBStartup use!)
- User/password prompt for Quickmount shares, and as an option in normal shares
- "Unmount all" option added to Project menu
- Improved error handling and requester information

SMBMounter has been tested under OS4.1 and OS3.9 and works fine so far...

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