MorphOS: Reggae Update "F"

Date 19-Jun-2011 12:36:03
Topic: Software News

Reggae, the MorphOS media processing framework has got an update, codenamed "F", last night.

This time 7 Reggae classes have been updated, as well as programmer documentation and compiler includes. Except for some bug fixes listed in the changelog, the update brings a few new features like support for POST requests and ICY responses in

Using them, an application can send HTML forms and upload files to WWW servers, as well as fetch audio streams from Shoutcast internet radio stations with Reggae.

Minor features are support for 16-bit unsigned raw audio streams (rawaudio.filter and audiopcm.decoder) and 64-bit functions for conversion between time and frames in audio (in multimedia.clas). Both user and developer files are easily installed with provided install script. The update archive can be found on MorphOS FIles.

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