Blender For AmigaOS4 Updated

Date 21-Jun-2011 0:33:56
Topic: Software News

I'm pleased to announce a new update to my port of Blender for Amiga OS4

The new update address a couple of bugs, and deals with some issues expereienced when working in low memory conditions. Blender is now usable on Classic Amiga running OS4!

Download from os4depot now (Release in still in upload queue at time of posting this news item.)

Also I have added some advice for Classic users to the blender for amiga OS 4 page

Changes since the last update:

FURTHER CHANGES: (June 2011 Update)

o blender no longer scan the contents of $PATH when trying to identify the
path to the executable. This would cause annoying insert volume requesters
if blender was executed like appdir:bldyn or even just foo:bldyn
o A further fix to crashes in low resources sitations. If the blender render
window cannot open then blender would crash, as it did no checks for a succesful
open. It now contnues to render silently without a render display window.
o rendering the "stamp" could cause a crash due a unititialised interface
o Added a Amiga style version string. Version 248.3 To indicate
blender version 2.48 amiga revision 3

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