Introducing GfxBench2D

Date 21-Jun-2011 0:34:19
Topic: Software News

I am pleased to announce the first release of GfxBench2D.

GfxBench2D is:
- A benchmarking tool for 2D graphics (download)
- A web-app for displaying results uploaded by the benchmarking tool
- An opportunity to see some real data on graphics card performance for a wide range of graphics cards and systems

System Requirements (for the benchmarking tool):
- AmigaOS 4.x
- A truecolour capable graphics card (minimum 16-bit)

Some interesting results are already available. For example, the Radeon X1950 pro is the current king of 2D. It is the last high performance card to include a dedicated 2D blitter unit, and it shows. Some motivation for upgrading to a PCI-express capable AmigaOS machine can be found here and here. Or maybe you might like to compare a Radeon (Mobility) 4300 PCIe card to a Radeon HD 4350 PCI in an A1-XE.

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