Freescale unveils next-generation QorIQ platform

Date 21-Jun-2011 12:44:50
Topic: Hardware News

Link: Freescale Drives Embedded Multicore Innovation with New QorIQ Advanced Multiprocessing Series

In summary:
- announces new E6500 64bit core
- multithreaded (2 threads per core)
- up to 2.5Ghz clock rate
- 28nm process
- Altivec
- first chip is 12 core/24thread beast, T4240
- availability "early 2012" - typical Freescale

Looks like a good next-generation candidate for the X1000 series. By the time these are mature the timing should be about right.

Quoting directly from press release:

The AMP series consists of three levels of products within a scalable portfolio, initially spanning from ultra-high-performance processors featuring 24 virtual cores down to single-core products.

Control plane processors (service provider routers, storage networks)
Up to 6 cores running at up to 2.5 GHz
Greater than 6 MB L2 cache

High-end data plane processors (routers, switches, access gateways, mil/aero applications)
Up to 24 virtual cores running at up to 2.0 GHz
50 Gbps IP forwarding capability
Advanced application acceleration

Low-end data plane processors (media gateways, network attached storage, integrated services router)
Up to 8 virtual cores running up to 1.6 GHz
Advanced application acceleration
Less than 10W power

Freescale's first product in the QorIQ AMP series, the T4240 device, integrates a host of hardware accelerators with 12 dual-threaded e6500 cores, providing 24 threads to address high-end data plane processing applications. Dual-threaded efficiency, improved DMIPs per thread and higher frequency deliver 4x performance gain and more than 2x power efficiency gain over the previous-generation QorIQ P4080 device. Advanced capabilities allow for intelligent sharing and duplication of resources between threads and a larger amount of on-die cache per core. Application examples for the T4240 device include metro carrier edge routers, access gateways and aerospace/defense products. Freescale will provide more details regarding the T4240 product later this year. The device is planned for initial availability in early 2012.

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