MorphOS: Lua meets ARexx

Date 21-Jun-2011 16:30:30
Topic: Software News

MorphOS port of Lua scripting language makes another step forward. Version 0.5 of the Lua package features a MorphOS-specific extension named ipc.module, which is a bridge between Lua and ARexx. Functions added to Lua by this module allow for sending ARexx commands to applications from Lua scripts and receive results.

Traditional "address command' interface to the shell is implemented too. As a proof of concept, a known script love.rx from TVPaint package has been translated to Lua and included to the package. It may be executed with the same result as the original one. ARexx interface combined with modern Lua syntax, very fast execution and possiblity of source level debugging with LuaExplorador
advances MorphOS to the next level of scripting. The Lua 0.5 package may be downloaded from MorphOS Files.

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