Retroheaven for AMIGA, MOS and AROS / and CDTV done right

Date 24-Jun-2011 22:31:42
Topic: Software News

If you remember...
Fabio Falcucci gave us the Amiga Media Center (AMC) and we talked about PlugINS like EmuLA....

here is the first video of AMC 1.23 and EmuLA (Emulator Launcher)

First Video of Amiga Media Center 1.23 and EmuLA

AMC 1.23 adds a category for software... add applications and run them from your sofa...
i suggest this device:
Ares mediaCENTER offical recommended Remote/Keyboard

EmuLA will will be available as PlugIN for AMC and as stand alone for AmigaOS 3.x/4.x, MOS and others..

Questions and suggestions are welcome...

What is EmuLA?
- Itunes for Emulation of retro systems : )
- organize you collection of legal ROMS and Szene demos for various systems
- easy access to your favorite games of all generations
- EmuLA downloads any available Emulator automatically...
- If you like one of the PD-Roms or Demos shown in the EmuLA library... EmuLA downloads it at you request!
- EmuLA gives information about the emulated systems and games, incl. pictures
- will be available as PlugIN for AMC and as standalone for AmigaOS 3.0 / 4.x, AROS x86, MOS and more

The cool part is EmuLA running in JanusUAE : )

Oh and if you take AMC+ AROS + EmulA + a nice HTPC..... taddaaaaa you get a not expensive nice retro gaming multimedia machine.. ; )

like this: Ares mediaCENTER

-powered by a dualcore 3.0GHZ AMD CPU
-enjoy 3D games like Quake3, CubeAssault SuperTuxKart in HD thanks Gallium3D used in AROS
- enjoy classic AmigaOS and reuse your old but still useful apllications with the included AmigaForever software
- enjoy movies, photos, music and retro games
- surf the web with OWB
- chat with friends via IRC, MSN and Jabber

all preconfigured and competitively priced. (to be honest: it will be hard to find it for less)

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