AppliedMicro Introduces APM86491 SoC

Date 24-Jun-2011 23:32:30
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Another PPC announcement this week. This time it's Applied Micro's turn.

Note the target pricing quoted near the end of the press release: "Samples of AppliedMicro's APM86491 will be available in the third quarter and high-volume production pricing is under $20. "

Here is another opportunity for a good next-generation Sam460ex. The price is certainly right to help bring out a low-cost entry-level board.

AppliedMicro Introduces APM86491 SoC, Driving High Performance Connectivity in a Richer, More Intelligent Networked Home

Pulled from press release:

"AppliedMicro's APM86491 sets precedence in the industry with the first embedded processor offering two USB 3.0 ports, two PCI Express(R) Gen 2 ports, up to two SATA-II ports and two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports on a single device. By providing line-rate throughput simultaneously on all high-speed interfaces, the APM86491 delivers the industry's best throughput and performance. It also supports next-generation 802.11ac and advanced 802.11n WLAN compatibility and offers an unprecedented reduction in end system cost. With a rich array of leading edge peripherals, the APM86491 sets new levels of fully leveraged network entertainment and communication. Home appliances equipped with the APM86491 will be able to stream high definition video (1080i/1080p) of feature-length movies or clips while simultaneously enabling other Web2.0 applications to be accessed across a wide variety of connected home applications including NAS content. "

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