Icaros 1.3.1 call for beta testers

Date 5-Jul-2011 17:29:02
Topic: Internet News

Hello, Icaros Desktop 1.3.1 will include two important updates:
1) new version of Janus-UAE from Oliver Brunner
2) new version of Radeon Drivers from Bearsoft
I need some volounteers with the necessary hardware and courage to test them before the release. Please PM me with your email address.

And now some more explanations for nice people pushing the 'read more' button.

1) Newer Janus should fix some of the bugs of the version released with Icaros 1.3. Most important are issues with GUI non saving/refreshing field contents, issues with AmigaOS complaining for double use of resources and resolutions up to 1920x1200, that should now work again.

2) Bearsoft's Radeon hidd will enhance compatibility with Radeon GPUs in the 8000, 9000, X000 and X1000 range, but might work with others. It will add 2D acceleration to some cards that were bound to VESA modes before. IT WON'T GIVE YOU 3D ACCELERATION for now. I need someone with a Radeon driver just to make some tests and report the results.

People that will PM me with a valid email address will be added to the Icaros beta testing team. They will be allowed to download Icaors betas as well, and they will receive a little list of test they should perform with theirs systems.

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