Winners Annoucement - Sometimes it pays to be a Cheap Skate!

Date 7-Jul-2011 19:15:15
Topic: Announcement

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Well, we guess that sometimes it pays to be a cheap skate! Here is the winners list for our Amiga Forever 2011 Premium for Cheap Asses Contest. Congratulations all contest winners. All winners were chosen at random by the Amiga. To give you something to run on your new Amiga Forever we have added a Instant Download of Aladdin 4D 5.x. This is a $99.96 value; Rub the Lamp, Render the Magic. Please contact us for FTP download instructions if they have not already been e-mailed to you.


1. Bob Anderson

2. Randy Vice

3. LoadWB

4. Robert Bond

5. Paul Harkin

6. Matthew Briggs

Thanx to all that participated and if you did not win but want to take advantage of our current offer on a Amiga Forever 2011 Premium Bundle please access the special via the link below.

Winners should be contacted by the developer of Amiga Forever 2011 Premium Edition in the next week. Winners please e-mail us you're mailing address so we can forward it to Cloanto.

Best regards
DiscreetFX Team

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