Ami-Lineapolis 2.94-time to beat World Record in Morpion Solitaire!

Date 9-Jul-2011 22:37:02
Topic: Software News

Ami-Lineapolis is software for solving Morpion Solitaire. I don't want spam every news about my game but this release
has important new feature: search engine. From this version you can try beat World Record in Morpion Solitaire.

Current World Record=177 moves and is calculated by similar algorithm (probably!) which you can find in this game.
WR is calculated on very fast intel processor worked few days, but all what you need is luck for get better
result. Search engine will be improved in future version to help user get good results but start search now
(you can run this task in background for example during browsing web on your Amiga machine....)!
Anyway, I encourage you to try Ami-Lineapolis, keep eye for new updates! (I recomended Netsprint for download from my webpage or search v2.94 version on OS4Depot)

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