ClipDown v3.2 Released - Print Screens/Quit MPlayer and more

Date 10-Jul-2011 5:43:09
Topic: Software News

ClipDown V3.2 has just been uploaded to OS4Depot.

- It adds the ability to quit MPlayer from the Project menu (useful when playing audio) and the ability to print screens via GraphicDump program from the Tools menu (Disable TurboPrint).
- Quiet mode no longer opens a shell when playing audio since it's no longer necessary to use Ctrl-C to abort playing.
- Various changes on supported sites and formats.
See below for full list of changes.


Version 3.2 (Released):
- Added print full and 3/4 page screen via GraphicDump program to tools menu.
- Added quit MPlayer item to Project menu for quitting when playing audio.
- Modified "Quiet Mode" to not diplay console when playing audio. (Use menu item to quit.)
- Fixed bug where a URL could be incorrectly identifed as iff file and crash.

- Added playback support for the following file types:
'.mkv' (video file)
'.ogv' (video file)

- Added "Auto Action" mode support for the following video sites:

- Removed "Auto Mode" support of the following sites: (getvideo no longer supports)

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