1941 DX Dual Player 2.0 is coming

Date 14-Jul-2011 18:08:13
Topic: Software News

Hugues "HunoPPC" Nouvel has posted a video (you can grab the MP4 video thanks to ClipDown) of the forthcoming shoot'em up 1941 DX Dual Players v2.0.

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Huno has added many new features in this new version such as a brand new SDL engine (and way faster : 55fps on Sam440, 75fps on a Peg II and 85fps on the Sam460), a two players mode (joypads or keyboard), the possibilty for the game to be updated automatically, and many more...

This is the reason why the game has become shareware but don't worry, it will cost you only 1,70 to obtain the license key binded to your system. The 1st versions that will be available will be the AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS ones followed by the AROS one.

Please note that the video is a bit jerky since Huno doesn't own a fast enough PC to encode the video but the game is really smooth.

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