AMIGATRONICS: We would like to give as a present hardware and software

Date 17-Jul-2011 0:38:15
Topic: Announcement

Since a long time ago we are considering the possibility to draw lots for a hardware and/or software of AMIGA. We are studying the formatīs draw and the way to finance the prizes. About this last thing, the idea that carries weight more in this moment is to have a sponsor. You will ask yourself who is going to be ready to pay just for advertise oneself in a blog, well, we have already a possible candidate, we will update you if finally it ends up being the chosen one option. As it is an idea still to mature, we have not yet a date, although we expect to get it by this year.

If you would like to contribute with some idea about the kind of competition or about the financing way, you can send to us by email to:, we will be enormously grateful. We will keep you informed.”


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