CyberShell 16 Bit

Date 24-Jun-2003 19:00:26
Topic: Miscellaneous News

For Retro-Gaming fans the CyberShell 16 Bit is now available. This console is fully compatible to the SEGA Megadrive and powered by a Motorola 68000-chip. The consumer price could be around 30 - 35 Euro. Included in the package is a lot of educational software.

Style Design
Processor Motorola 68000 16 Bit
Processor Speed 8 MHz
Main Memory 128 KBit
Video Memory 64 KBit
Soundprocessor Yamaha
512 Colours
64 Colours on the Screen
Screen Resolution 72 KDots
Real Human Voice
SEGA Megadrive compatible (more than 500 games)
Max. Cartridges Volume 32 MBit
Data Save Ability
1 Console
2 Joysticks
1 AC Adapter
1 AV Cable
1 User Manual
1 Cartridge 33 in 1
1 Mouse

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