Swamp Defense - Demo available!

Date 24-Jul-2011 21:41:52
Topic: Software News

We have released a demo version of our new game called "Swamp Defense". It contains two maps to try.

Swamp Defense is a tower defense game. It is a complete self made development and high optimized for Amiga OS 4.1 based computers with Radeon cards. It also works on classic Amigas with Radeon cards.

The game engine is scalable and is optimized for 1920x1080 pixels screensize (should work on AOne and Sam460 in this Resolutions).

The full version will be available within the next weeks for 20,-€ and includes following features:

- 15 unlockable maps (gets mor maps after release)
- 8 types of enemies
- endles waves after unlocking the maps (if you are good enough)
- connection to amiboing.de for Highscore, Statistics and Achievements
- HD gaming experience (graphics optimized for 1080p)
- River Pirates is coming this year as second defense game and it is included in license of Swamp Defense

Download Demo:

Additional game infoīs and How to Play:

- for faster loading on slower machines (classics) disable title music (in config tool -> no music)
- use fullscreen to let the game close the workbench to save gfx mem on machines with less gfx memory (radeon 7000, 32mb)

In this game and its engine are many month of hard work in sparetime, it is not just a port, it is high optimized for OS 4.1 and its functions to get best performance and quality. Graphics are self painted and not to use for other project than ours ;)

Look at our pages: www.amiboing.de and entwickler-x.de for any news. For Download this demo you donīt need an amiboing.de account (just for full versions and online features).

Help us to improve the quality and find bugs we canīt find due missing hardware configurations. Please write contact us if you have problems: mail@entwickler-x.de

Have Fun!

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