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Date 28-Jul-2011 19:22:11
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The "Amiganoid 2011" will be held on 9/17/2011 from 10 bis 23 clock clock in Room 154 in the "Unperfekthaus" Essen germany.

Focus of this event is on Aros, Icaros, Broadway, and the right hardware. Also welcome are AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and of course "real" Amiga.

You can have a look at the room here:

The event itself is free, but the "Unperfekthaus" takes a bit money: For 5 hours 6,50 EUR, 10 EUR for the whole day. This includes all beverages ("flat"). In addition, there is little money for a superb buffet. In addition to our event, there are a lot more to discover Unperfekthaus: http://www.unperfekthaus.de/

More information will follow shortly. Who wants there own little show should not hesitate to contact . Besides the Volker Mohr (who organized this again) , Pascal "phoenixconsole" Papara (Ares computer, Broadway), as well as co-organizers Gero Birkenfeld, as you can see we have still many empty tables ; )

And it could really be that we will have at least one X1000 : )

I (Pascal) will bring an AresOne 2009,2010, Ares mediaCENTER,EfikaMX, AMC 1.23, EMULA, latest Broadway, Broadway X (AresOne/EfikaMX) and a lot of games and classic apps : ) You can test everything and i will give answers as much as i can.
Eating, drinking, music (demos), games and fun ... Oh and i would like to get my fingers on some OS4 machines regarding AMC.

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