HyperClock - A utility to temporary modify CPU and FSB clock settings for Sam440

Date 3-Aug-2011 22:14:33
Topic: Software News


A utility to temporary modify CPU and FSB clock settings for Sam440ep boards (all versions)


Max m3x Tretene, Soft3

What it does:

* it allows to temporary modify CPU and FSB clock settings. The new configuration to become active requires a soft reboot, and will be active until the next hardware reset (from the computer case button) or until the board is switched off. After that the board will boot again with the original clock settings.
This way it's possible to safely reboot the board in case a wrong clock setting was chosen.
* it's possible to over clock and under clock the board. Under clocking may be useful in case you need to run the board for a long time on a specific task which requires low CPU power, for example, allowing to save on electric energy consumption, and lowering the heat produced.
* it reports some useful information on the board, and may help to solve some misconfiguration problems


* There is the remote possibility that something may go wrong damaging your hardware. Use this tool with extreme caution and at your sole risk.
Please beware that every damage to the board due to incorrect settings or misuse of
this tool will not be covered by the board warranty.

To download HyperClock and for more informations on hwo to use the tools, please visit http://www.soft3dev.net/pages/hyperclock.php

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