AmigaOS4: Subversion extension package for AAMP published.

Date 8-Aug-2011 22:31:17
Topic: Software News

An extension package for the native version of AAMP - a web server package for
AmigaOS 4 - is now available on OS4-depot. It contains the version control
system software "subversion" version 1.6.17 and an extended version of the
Apache web server. The new binary contains the Apache subversion modules and the
modules for WebDAV support. Additionally the WebDAV client "cadaver" (V 0.23.3)
is included in the package.

Advantages of this port compared to the previous port:
* Most recent version 1.6.17 instead of version 1.1.4.
* Working server "svnserve".
* New tool "svnsync".
* Repositories can be hosted by the Apache web server.
* Working localisation.



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