ClipDown v3.3 released - Add workaround for playing YouTube

Date 9-Aug-2011 5:31:43
Topic: Software News

Version 3.3 add support for .webm format video files. A new StartOWB script
is included which allows optionally setting the OWB user agent via a requester.
It supports spoofing different browsers including iPAD, Crome, Firefox, and more.
See top of file for custome settings, like setting paths and disabling user agent setup.
It also adds support for playing links provided by the website:

This site will provide links for sites like YouTube that can be used with ClipDown to
play or download the videos.

Example Use:

1. Go to YouTube and left click to select a video to view.
2. Put "" in front of the URL and press "Enter"
3. Once the links to the URL for the videos are loaded just copy one into
the clipboard.
4. Click on the "ClipDown" button.

If "ClipDown v3.3" is set to "Auto Action" mode the video will be played.
If "ClipDown v3.3" is set to "Download File" mode the video will be downloaded.

Other site that supports will work as well

ClipDown allows for playing, viewing and downloading of URL's that have been copied ot the clipboard.

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