Image2Icon GUI / Image2Icon Capsule for iBatch released

Date 15-Aug-2011 13:07:58
Topic: Software News

OOooo... getting headache when browsing your imagefiles ? You need a capsule:

i2iGUI is basically a GUI for "image2icon" shell command (available via - see link in readme file). i2iGUI can be used as standalone or as "plugin" for iBatch 1.2. As it uses 3rd party software in order to work I called it "capsule" rather than "plugin". This GUI enables you to create Icons showing thumbnails of images in a given directory.

- create preview thumbnail icons of a given directory
- add a black border around Icon
- or add glow effect
- print image resolution onto thumbnail icon
- determine program to be used when opening image (default tool)

Image2Icon GUI is only available through iBatch website.

some more infos about iBatch and "capsules":

Sometimes you donnot have to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of useful image related programs/shell commands out there. You can always use them as iBatch "After process plugin". To make it easier for you, I decided to write GUI frontends and add a bit of functionallity. As it is just a frontend, I called it "capsule" rather than "plugin". However, iBatch will always handle them as "plugins".
Along with iBatch V1.3. (soon to be released), we will have some more capsules (e.g. Transfer EXIF Header to converted images via "jhead",....).

iBatch on tour
iBatch V1.3 will be demoed on Amiganoid 2011 (17th of Sept. Essen/Germany at Unperfekthaus).

Enjoy !

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