AmigaOS4: Amaya 11.3.1 for AmiCygnix published.

Date 15-Aug-2011 21:53:17
Topic: Software News

A new version of the WYSIWYG web editor "Amaya" is now available on OS4-depot. It is a port of the latest version 11.3.1 with a modern wxWidgets GUI.

Amaya is a Web client that acts both as a browser and as an authoring tool. It has been designed by W3C and INRIA with the primary purpose of demonstrating new Web technologies and helping users to generate valid Web pages.

With Amaya, you can manipulate rich Web pages containing forms, tables, and the most advanced features from XHTML. You can create and edit complex mathematical expressions and graphics within Web pages. You can style your documents using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).




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