Icaros 1.3.1 has been released

Date 26-Aug-2011 2:43:38
Topic: Software News

The first update to Icaros Desktop 1.3 is now available for download. This new version of the popular AROS distribution fixes many bugs, enhances integration of Amiga 68K workbench applications and adds the ability to run Janus-UAE in the background at boot time.


Some applications have been recompiled and newer system files are compatible with latest 3D games ports from Deadwood. Radeon card users can also test Bearsoft's enhanced ATI drivers (still work in progress). A more complete list of changes includes:

- fixed integration of Amiga Forever in coherency mode
- fixed many issues with Janus-UAE GUI
- fixed support for coherency mode at highest resolutions
- enhanced stability of Janus UAE
- enhanced stability of whole AROS system
- AROS system files from August 3, 2011
- Included Bearsoft's ATI drivers in Storage drawer
- Included alternative arosc.library in Storage
- compatible with recent Deadwood's games ports
- updated drivers and libraries
- updated fpc to version 2.5.1
- updated xRick
- updated Atheros 5xxx wireless driver
- updated Intel GMA driver with support for more GPUs
- recompiled many games and emulators with latest SDL
- updated applications to latest versions

More informations and screenshots at www.icarosdesktop.org

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