AEROS , or AROS meets Linux

Date 31-Aug-2011 20:20:54
Topic: Announcement

Actually i am working on a new distribution called AEROS mainly for AresOne and EfikaMX.

AEROS is what OS X is compared to Mac OS 9.... yeah sort of : )

AEROS is based on Linux (under the hood) and AROS hosted
It comes NOT with an Linux desktop environment like Gnome or KDE...
AROS/Broadway will be your desktop environment.

So if needed you can always launch a Linux app. You can also run a majority of Windows apps using Wine. You can use all existing AROS apps and you can run all existing AmigaOS 3.x apps.

In other words... if you don't look for the LInux side you won't realize that there is running Linux in the background.

Since AEROS doesn't come with a bloated desktop environment like Gnome or KDE it will be much faster than a ordinary Linux-distribution especially faster as Ubuntu : ).
Actually it will be the fastest "desktop" experience for any ARM based system.

The first public demo of the x86 and ARM version will be on the Amiganoid Event in Essen.
A closed beta phase will be started straight after the Event.

Please have a look at the new AROS bounty accepted by Krzysztof Śmiechowicz
OpenGL Wrapper Bounty

This will bring full 3D Support on every HW which has an 3D driver for Linux....
It's time for an revolution ; )

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

The last bugs are gone... so lx command works now without a glitch ; )

AresOne did it first : p

This is not the End of Broadway.... Broadway has reached internally 0.7 (last public release was 0.0.5).... i am waiting for EMULA (comes also for AmigaOS3/4 and MOS)... as soon this is done i will release also a new native Version later this year with big changes.
In the meantime you can enjoy IcAROS.

AEROS is also done for ARM because i hope for a sub 100 Ares2-platform : ) with AMC and Emula.

Oh ARM version is supported with Hardware by Genesi (big thanks from here)

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