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Date 14-Sep-2011 23:32:13
Topic: Software News

Emula stands for Emulator Launcher and aims to be an universal front end for, actually, 33 game systems and home computers.

Here is the current EMULA state, almost completed internally, it only needs some work on the configuration files to support all available emulators and I need to work on rom sets to support as much roms as I can with screenshots and basic informations.

Some key features:
- Simple GUI
- Scalable GUI usable even on small screen resolutions (like PAL for example or even lower)
- Click & Play: no need to configure anything!
- Download of missing emulators
- Download of free contents like homebrew & demo scene
- Favorites list for every supported system
- Support for 33 game systems and home computers
- Online updates
- Multiplatform (AROS, MorphOS, AmigaPPC, Amiga68k, MacOS, Linux, Windows)

At this stage Emula supports the following systems/roms:
GAMEBOY: 64 roms supported
GAMEBOY COLOR: 57 roms supported
GAMEBOY ADVANCE: 54 roms supported
ATARI LYNX: 121 roms supported
GAME GEAR: 203 roms supported
NEOGEO POCKET: 165 roms supported
WONDERSWAN: 114 roms supported
ATARI 5200: 59 roms supported
NES: 224 roms supported
SUPER NES: 301 roms supported
MASTER SYSTEM: 236 roms supported
MEGADRIVE: working at rom support right now...

And now the AROS video running on VirtualBox:
video on youtube

That's all for now

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