DiscreetFX Founder to appear @ AmiWest

Date 26-Jun-2003 11:01:17
Topic: Announcement

DiscreetFX is happy to announce that our founder and initiator of the AmiZilla Project, Bill Panagouleas will be attending Ami West on July 26-27 2003.

AmiWest is shaping up to be one of the most important Amiga shows of 2003 and DiscreetFX would not miss it for the world. Bill will also be giving a seminar updating everyone on the status of AmiZilla and how the initiative is progressing thus far. Interested in when Netscape will be making an appearance on an Amiga/Compatible system near you? Stop at the DiscreetFX booth or attend the AmiZilla seminar @ AmiWest. DiscreetFX has quite a suite of software/hardware coming out in the 2003-2004 timeframe and will have many Amiga products available for sale at the show like the brand new version of Spontaneous Combustion for Amiga Video Toaster Flyer and Amiga OS/MorphOS. Special prices for all our available products will be given to AmiWest attendees Also learn about interesting developments like Ami [2]; a hardware software combination that allows you to use the PC Video Toaster in your Amiga/Amiga One/Pegasos.

AmiZilla Booty now @ $4045.45

Keep in mind that the AmiZilla Project needs you to be successful. The booty is now over $4000, which is a impressive amount of money for an Amiga project. If only one programmer was working on the port this would be a nice reward. However several programmers are working together. Once the money is split among coders the booty is not big enough. Please contribute if you can, every dollar helps motivate programmers to make the AmiZilla Project a success. After the release of AmiZilla more projects are being developed like Hot CoCo (JVM) and F Gordon (Flash). The development and launch of these add-ons to AmiZilla depend on the success of that project. Paypal donations can be sent in via this weblink.


About AmiZilla

The goal of the AmiZilla effort is to raise such an obscene/huge amount of money to give away to the first programmer/team that can port Mozilla to Amiga/Compatible systems that programmers will be falling over themselves getting this application coded in record time.

About DiscreetFX

DiscreetFX has been creating software products for the Amiga, video editing & computer generated graphics (CGI) industry since 1995. The Amiga computer defined and created the video editing, computer graphics market with its birth in 1985. DiscreetFX creates Real-time transitions and effects seen on over 100 television programs including Blind Date, 5th Wheel, Shipmates and more! You can also see DiscreetFX software used on the following networks HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, PBS, Fox and many more!

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