Amiganoid 2011: MorphOS Team also sponsor + news

Date 15-Sep-2011 23:07:27
Topic: Events

MorphOS Team will be an additional sponsor for Amiganoid Event on 17th of September 2011 in Essen/Germany. This is the good news, the bad news is, there probably won't be an AmigaOne X1000 on display. Photos will be uploaded from time to time during the show. So, check out on a regular basis on that day, in order to keep uptodate ! Way better would be, to just join us, though.

However, here are the highlights:
- AROS running on ARM based Hardware
- AEROS: AROS distro using Linuxdrivers
- Emula: Emulation launcher for AROS
- AMC: Media Center application for AROS, AmigaOS (tm) and MorphOS
- IcAros: native AROS distribution
- AmigaOS 4.1 update 3 (e.g. on A1200)
- MorphOS (e.g. on PowerMac)
- iBatch live photo upload
- AROS USB Drive for only 3,50
- AMC discount voucher worth 9,50

Here is the location to be on Saturday:
Start: 11.00 am
Room 154
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18
45127 Essen-Stadtmitte

Wolf Parkhaus Weberplatz 1,00 /hour max. 10 (24h open)

Ikea or Conrad Elektronik parking is also within walking distance.

Exhibitors loading area:
pedestrian area in front of Unperfekthaus (between 10am and 11am -> keep in mind it is Saturday=shoppingday)

WLan is available, for wired LAN and power bring your own cables.

1 hour: "flatrate" for drinks: 4
upto 5 hours: "flatrate" for drinks: 6,50
longer than 5 hours: "flatrate" for drinks: 10,50
optional buffet: 12,50

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