Cinnamon Writer 0.75 released

Date 5-Oct-2011 21:07:45
Topic: Software News

Cinnamon Writer is the compact and efficient word processor developed especially with Amiga and Amiga-like systems in mind. Cinnamon writer have all of the basic functionality expected of a modern word processor. This includes changeable layout style, support antialiased truetype fonts, infinite "intelligent" Undo/Redo history, user defined page setup and file compatibility with other word processors as Word and OpenOffice that can use RTF or DocX files.

New version include:

- DOCX compatibility (!)
- Added layout options
- New GUI
- Bugfixes

Get it here
Visit the homepage here

A lot of work have been put into this version, however bugs may still persist. If you experience problems that are not described under "Known problems" please contact me at

If you like Cinnamon Writer, and would you would like to support further development, please consider making a donation

Enjoy !

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