New Mesa/Nouveau brings support for Fermi cards to AROS!

Date 6-Oct-2011 21:31:45
Topic: Software News

A new versions of Mesa 3D library and Nouveau video drivers are available for AROS.

The major functionality introduced in this release is a full 2D/3D support for selected models from latest nVidia video card family - Fermi (GeForce 400/500 series), putting most powerful rendering capabilities in hands of AROS user.

The full driver package can be downloaded from:

Other features and improvements:
- improved 3D rendering for NV50 series (GeForce 8 and up)
- reporting VRAM and GART sizes and free space via SysMon utility
- corrected memory allocation problems
- improved VRAM->RAM swapping on low memory conditions

Known problems:
- rendering regression with Cube/AssaultCube for GeForce 6200 users

The drivers are also available in the latest AROS Nightly Builds

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