Cinnamon Writer v0.751 Bugfix released

Date 13-Oct-2011 1:30:24
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Bugfixed Cinnamon Writer
Posted by Desler on 12-Oct-2011
There's a thread already started for this here.

Hi All

I have uploaded a new version of CW that solves the majority of problems users have been experiencing with version 0.75 that was made available last week.

Get it here:


Cinnamon Writer 0.75 is a WYSIWYG editor for Amiga with advanced layout options and DocX compatibility.

V. 0.751 contains several bug fixes that solves the problems with loading Truetype fonts, exporting PDFs and printing.

Added is also preliminary short cut keys:

Copy: R-Amiga + c
Cut: R-Amiga + x
Paste: R-Amiga + v
Bold: R-Amiga + b
Underline: R-Amiga + u
Italics: R-Amiga + i

Let me know if you have suggestions for other combinations that you use in every day life

Please know that are still minor problems with the layout of printed versions and PDF exports. These problems are to be solved in the next major update

If you find any new bugs, please report them to me. I was able to make a bug fix version rather quickly because people were kind enough to provide detailed description of the problems experienced

- Enjoy

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