Icaros Desktop 1.3.2 available for download

Date 15-Oct-2011 23:07:02
Topic: Announcement

Version 1.3.2 of the popular AROS distribution has been released. This update introduces support for the newest and fastest GeForce cards currently available on the market (the models based on the "Fermi" architecture: GT, GTS/GTX 400 and 500), and turns on wi-fi communications on RTL8187B based USB wireless adapters. Drivers for SB128 and CMI8738 sound cards have been integrated in the distribution, enabling audio on VMware and on a wider range of physical computers.


Amiga emulator Janus-UAE has been updated to the official 1.1 release and some applications have been updated to their latest release, or recomplied with newer libraries to gain speed and stability. For a complete list of enhancements over the older version, please visit the project website at:


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