1941 DX Dual Players 2 released

Date 16-Oct-2011 17:00:21
Topic: Software News

HunoPPC has released 1941 DX Dual Players 2.0.2 for AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS (Linux and Windows version also available)

This new version of one of the best shoot'em up for our systems brings many new features, an even better 2D engine (widely enhanced), an online hall of fame with the 20 best scores, etc...

New weapon are now available and new BABY/ATOMIC mode has been added for those who found the difficulty to be too high (or too low)

The game can be updated on line and registered users (1,70 Euros) can obtain new High Quality Musics to improve even more the in game feeling.

Get your copy (and register) on Huno's SDL Ports Site

Have Fun !

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