Convierteme 2.00 & Sirena Player 1.20

Date 16-Oct-2011 17:42:13
Topic: Software News

New version of my classic software Convierteme and Sirena Player, the first updated to 2.00 version with new improvements as:
1. The buttons are show in the left of program and in the half of button panel, and the picture loaded is show in the rest of program window.
2. Undo button option had been added.
3. Corrected the rename bug with the file extension in the new file renamed.

And Sirena Player:
1. Compiled with last Hollywood 4.8 version.
2. Some bugs corrected andimprovements with the song state.
3. Deleted the sound sample thatcrashed the player.

More information:

Web site:

This new versions is avalable for Amiga OS4.x and Windows(SirenaPlayer).

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