Portable Amiga in the works, rumor mill starts churning

Date 23-Oct-2011 16:21:39
Topic: Internet News

Although not yet officially announced, a new and portable Amiga is getting prepared for launch. According to a statement made by a spokesperson of AmigaOS developer Hyperion Entertainment, the Amiga - for the moment referred to as a "netbook" computer - is already running AmigaOS in a yet-to-be-disclosed version.

Supposedly, the new netbook Amiga is will be "sourced in a special configuration from an OEM". The manufacturer in question is, just like the price tag, the launch date and the hardware specifications, currently unknown paving the way for further speculation and rumors. The netbook Amiga will set a mark in computer history as the first portable Amiga to see the light of the day since the Amiga 1000 was introduced to the US market in 1985.

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