Belgian Amiga Club Meeting

Date 24-Oct-2011 14:30:34
Topic: Events

Saturday 12 November - XL meeting - Zwijndrecht (B)

Patience is a good thing and should be rewarded so here it comes: Staurday 12 November an EXTRA long meeting from 14:00 untill the late hours. The adress is again: John Tulpinckstraat 15, 2070 Zwijndrecht(Burcht), Belgium. Free Entrance and as always drinks at the round price of 1 euro.

Everone interested in the Classic COmmodore Amiga or the new generation in the form of AmigaOS 4, Morphos and Aros is welcome with or without his machine. As usual you can revive your childhood memories with the classic gaming crowd, we try to solve your configuration problems and you can test the different reincarnations of the original AmigaOS on different machines.

When there are updates, they will be communicated on or our facebook page

See you !

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