mui-mplayer port from morphos to amigaos4 released

Date 24-Oct-2011 21:25:20
Topic: Software News

Hi all

We with Deniil, with big help from Fab (of course, and as usuall :) ) , release a first version of mui-mplayer port from morphos. Check os4depot for it (in upload query for now).


There is many thinks to say, but in brief:

The advantages over the our current os4 port: newer mplayer code, better structurisation and code itself, mui-gui with all the stuff , better integration of streaming (working over bsdsocket.library directly), no SDL, sound over AHI, rendering over cgx_wpa and all the other pluses about which know only Fab as he author.

The minus now only one: No overlay. Because of it, in full-screenmode you have no scalling (to avoid slowdowns). Overlay will be implemented pretty soon (i hope).

If you want command line : use it from the shell

If you want GUI: run from the icon (tooltype GUI). If you disable that tooltype, then from the icon it will just ask for the file which need to open.

PS: its is _NECESSARY_ to have update3 minimum, if you want to use GUI. Or, you need MUI from update3, which you can copy on older version of OS and it will works as well. Through, better to just have update3, to avoid any possible problems.

So as usuall thanks to Fab for his sources, to Thore who works on MUI, to Deniil who help with porting and to DeadWood for some help as well.

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