Festive Amiga Games Making Competition

Date 26-Oct-2011 22:11:33
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Seasons greetings, one and all! Well, it's approaching that time of year again when we put our personal lives on hold and ignore our health as we rekindle our imaginations and use our skills and talents to create exciting new games to enter into the traditional Festive Amiga Game Making Competition.

While in previous years the focus of the competition was on producing games for original Amiga hardware only, this year we are including two categories: Classic Amiga and Next Generation Amiga. The NG category includes games made for AmigaOS4, MorphOS, Aros or RTG OS3 systems. The Classic category requires the game to run on at least an Amiga 1200 with extra RAM or an accelerator. If it requires a 060 and a graphics card, it'll go in the NG category. Also this year we will have a panel of experienced judges who will play and rate the games, and then combine and tally the results to find our two major prize winners. Games will be rated on the usual aspects of gameplay, graphics, sound, but also on originality, good use of the hardware, or anything else that clearly shows the effort that has gone into making the game.

The rules for this year's competition are different to the two previous years, where the goal was to produce a Christmas, Winter or Holiday-themed game. This time we thought we'd try something a bit more fun, giving people a chance to try something they may have wanted to make for a while but never got around to it.

Remember back to when you were younger. Christmas time was when all the publishers would rush their development teams to get their games on the shelves, and often the big sellers at this time of year were adaptions of the latest silverscreen blockbuster. What if you were one of those game developers, and it was up to you to create an adaption of a popular franchise intended to be the number one seller at Christmas time? How would you do it?

This year's Festive Amiga Game Making Competition's rule is this: Create an Amiga game adaption of the film, television or book franchise of your choice! The only exception is you cannot make a game based on something that was already made into an Amiga game. Also, please let us know in the thread what you are going to base your game on so hopefully others can choose something different. If you are unsure if there already is an Amiga game of the series you're considering, please check the Hall of Light - http://hol.abime.net

Think about all the brilliant games we got that would never have been if it weren't for a movie or a comic book being popular enough for an adaption. But also remember the awful games based on series which should never have had games made about them at all, and try not to make the same mistake.

You will have two months to produce something, and it doesn't have to be a full game. It can be a single level, or an incomplete game, but make sure it is at least playable, and of course more complete games will probably be rated higher. On December 24th you should upload what you have completed so far of your game to an online host where we can download it from and re-host it on the Amiga Christmas Tree website (where the competition details will also be hosted).

You can use any language or tools you like to create your game. This includes programming and compiling your own code, designing it with a GUI-based game-editor tool, or even producing it in some multimedia presentation software, as long as it can be run from an icon, CLI or booted from a disk.

Details on the prizes for each of the categories will follow. We'd appreciate any donations to the prize pool, and remember the more tempting the prizes the more likely our talented community is to come up with something fun for us and our families and friends to enjoy this holiday season.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and good luck to anyone interested in entering. I hope you like the theme, I think most of us could think of a story we enjoyed that we thought could be made into a game. If you have any questions, please ask.

Have fun!


(Post on forum made by Cammy here).

Cammy has compiled a list of resources and software that could be helpful with making an Amiga game on her temporary competition page: http://home.exetel.com.au/~amiga/ThirdFestiveComp.html.

Thanks for your interest in the competition and good luck to anyone who wants to enter!

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