Amiga Mania #2 - out now!

Date 26-Oct-2011 22:49:34
Topic: News

Again, a milestone for our team....

Yes, the 2nd issue is available at last!

Amiga Mania #2

From it's content:
Amiga 600 chip ram expansion on the motherboard
Directory opus 4 - how to customize?
HW test - the Quickshot footpedal
Interview - Raven software, the hungarian team behind the game Black Crypt
Sensible soccer in 2011 - championship around the world
and many more...

Still thinking how to translate but it's a hard thing due to lack of time...

Hope it still worth it for a quick check :)
Keep in mind that this is more a unique thing as it's hungarian, but can be straightforward for others to step up with stuff like these...

Eunthiasm leads us towards the next release in December... :)

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