New release of GuideMaker

Date 27-Oct-2011 2:20:26
Topic: Software News

New release of GuideMaker, an AmigaGuide(R) file maintenance utility
adds spell checking.

Programmers: Clean up the silly misspellings that are making your
program's AG docs seem a little less professional.


GuideMaker is an AmigaGuide(R) file maintenance utility with support for also
providing the documentation in other formats (via RTF file export).

New with this release v0.9 (14.10.2011)
- Spell Checking
- Iconify Support
- Startup ENV variable
- GUI improvements
- Bug Fixes
- Custom Icon by Frank Ruthe

GuideMaker at OS4Depot

Architecture: ppc-amigaos >= 4.1.0
Author: breedent_acm_org (Tom Breeden)


I needed help in writing an AmigaGuide document.
AG in spite of its flaws, is still a good way to produce
slick and quick documentation of your Amiga program.

And there are lots of .guide files still around.

GuideMaker will successfully load most pre-existing AmigaGuide
files and perhaps it could be to other OS4 developers/users
interested in producing or improving an AmigaGuide document.

Especially with the added spell checking, it provides an opportunity
for maintainers of existing .guide files to easily cleanup some of
the silly misspellings that tend to plague these files.

In addition, the RTF export options makes it possible to
move most of the document formatting to PDF via OpenOffice.

The other reason I put GuideMaker together now was prove that the
native PPC Modula-2 compiler I have been working on could be
reasonably used for a non-trivial project.
(AgletM2PPC at OS4Depot)

Thanks to Frank Ruthe for his nice icon for AmigaGuide.

Please feel free to send bug reports, suggestions, etc.

Aglet Software

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