AmigaWorld is now IPv6 enabled

Date 27-Oct-2011 23:00:38
Topic: News


I am pleased to announce that we have been allocated some IPv6 address space from our hosting provider and have enabled IPv6 connectivity for the site.

I have now IPv6 enabled all of the services offered except the IRC service, we will continue to work on that project and hopefully have it finished soon.

There have been some reported issues with "broken" IPv6 setups on various computers on the Internet, due to IPv6 autoconfiguration (which is enabled by default in many newer operating systems and on many devices, despite them not having any working IPv6 connection).

Therefore, in the odd chance that you suddenly experience some problems accessing the site, please take a look at your IPv6 configuration (following the guide for whatever operating system you use) and if needed, and if you are not using your IPv6 connectivity, disable the IPv6 configuration.

Report your experiences in the comments, good or bad.

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