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Date 29-Oct-2011 20:49:46
Topic: Hardware News

We have now updated our hard disk drive package for the Amiga 1200, 4000 and 600. Preloaded with AmigaKit OS-Install software, the hard drive is ready to go once installed inside the Amiga.

It is silent, low power and fast alternative to a conventional hard disk drive.

It is ready-to-go: we supply it partitioned and fully formatted. The drive is preloaded with our exclusive OS Install program which allows you to quickly install Workbench with the minimum of hassle. Directory Opus 4.16 GPL is preloaded onto the hard disk for easy file management. The Amiga's premier game installer, WHDLOAD (unregistered version) is also pre-installed with kind permission from the author.

Amiga 1200 / 600 version supplied with CF media, 44-way IDE cable and adapter board, ready-to-go. Amiga 4000 / 4000T version supplied with CF media, 40-way IDE cable and adapter board, ready-to-go. You can also specify the IDE cable length that is supplied with the hard drive below. Picture for illustration purposes only- actual make/model may vary.

This drive is formatted with the normal FastFileSystem. If you have an A1200 / A4000, you can request us to have the drive pre-formatted for SmartFileSystem - we do not charge any extra for this service.

Compatible with Kickstart 2.05 (37.300 or 37.350), Kickstart 3.0, Kickstart 3.1, Kickstart 3.5 or Kickstart 3.9.

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