Swamp Defense updated

Date 30-Oct-2011 20:38:40
Topic: Software News

The first update of "Swamp Defense" is now ready for download, the trial version is updated too.


- Speed can be locked now with "caps lock"
- fix: bugs in download of awards
- game saves now after each level
- optimized highscore calculation
- new background images for a cleaner look
- fix: crash while closing the trial version

Game Detail Page: http://www.amiboing.de/gameDetail.php?id=11

Note: Unpack the new version on the same place your game is installed, be careful with your save games, they are in this directory (so donīt delete the whole directory)

If you purchase Swamp Defense, you get "River Pirates" for free. More information and Download on www.amiboing.de

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