Announcing AROS Paper Cuts.

Date 31-Oct-2011 20:53:27
Topic: Announcement

In an effort to help make AROS more stable, we'd like to put together a list of at least 100 Paper Cuts.

Each paper cut will be discussed within the community before being added to the list.

*A paper cut is a trivially fixable usability/stability bug that the
average user would encounter during day to day use.

Example of a paper cut: "Automatic refresh after wallpaper change missing".

Example of what is not a paper cut: Port Fab's OWB to AROS.

Developers: Krzysztof(Deadwood), Neil(Ncafferkey), Markus(mausle) and, Jason(Ezrec)

Community Rep: Tim(Terminills)

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Community Rep: Tim(Terminills)

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