New Convierteme 2.10

Date 6-Nov-2011 1:27:46
Topic: Software News

Convierteme is a program creates with Hollywood for Amiga OS 4.x. Convierteme is an easy program to edit your pictures, for example to use them in your web pages projects, changing their size, jpg quality, adding a watermark, rotating the picture or converting between formats. Also copying, moving, deleting and renaming is supported.


New improvements in this new version:

New options:
Watermark with your own logo.
Scale picture by percentage and pixels (width and height).
New preferences button where you can choose your language and the jpg quality.
Now you can choose the jpg quality when you save the picture.
Now all effects/options interact with the picture, you can to scale, to rotate, etc. the same picture.

Available from my site:

And available in the next languages:
1. Spanish. 2. English. 3. French. 4. Italiano. 5. German.

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